Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Becoming a Vamp

As a vampire writer, I did a significant amount of research before deciding exactly how my vampires are made. The transformation process is very different in vampire lore, ranging from a quick nibble to a full drain. My vamps need three blood exchanges to become fully transformed, and since my stories center on male vampires turning females, the blood exchanges include sexual encounters (and hey, it's more fun that way). Basically, I took my cues from Bram Stoker. Also, I didn't want the transformation to be quick. My vampires don't take this process lightly, nor do the humans who are being transformed. It's a conscious decision in my vampire world.

The third novella in my fang series, Real Men Have Fangs, has a lengthy transformation scene between Luc and Meredith. Luc's an ancient vampire whose 600-year-old modus operandi has been to have sex with a woman one time ONLY, leaving her still human, but with a new brand of libido. In his long existence, he never turned anyone, but when he meets Meredith, he begins to consider having a lifemate and all the ramifications therein. His dilemma--after a life of one-night stands, can he be true to her for eternity?

What do you think about vampire transformation? Is it painful? Is there venom involved? If you were in love with a vampire, would you want to be turned?

I'm giving away copies of the first two novellas in my fang series, Love Fang and Fang Shui, to two people who post on my blog. So please, leave me a question or a comment (and your e-mail address for me to forward the .pdfs), and you could be a WINNER!


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Fang-tastic Books: A Review of Red Hot Internet Publicity